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Name:Bartholomew "Buddy" Favreau
Birthdate:Jun 26
Location:New York, United States of America
name: Bartholomew Favreau (bar-THAW-lo-myoo // fav-RŌ).
nickname(s): Buddy, Elf.
pb: Will Farrell.
fairy tale & character: Buddy the Elf; Elf.
age: 34.
room: ---
doctor: ---
diagnosis: Delusional Misidentification Syndrome (believes himself to be an elf), ADHD, insomnia, talks to animals.

** More extensive bio/patient file and storylines HERE.

Mun and muse are over 21. This is a role-play journal for fun, not profit. Buddy belongs to Jon Favreau, David Berenbaum, and Will Ferrell. None of the aforementioned are associated with this myself or this journal.

Interests (39):

candy, candy canes, candy corn, chocolate, christmas time, christmas-grams, colored twinkle lights, cookie dough ice cream, cotton balls, decorating, elevators, enunciation, flannel, hiking, holding hands, hot cocoa, hugging, ice skating, making snow angels, making snowmen, maple syrup, music, narwhals, pointed shoes, polar bears, puffins, singing, smiling, snowberries, stockings, sugar, sugarplums, swirly twirly gumdrops, traveling, unique word, vanilla, walruses, whispering, winter
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