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Buddy the elf, what’s your favorite color?


name: Bartholomew William Favreau.
nickname(s): Buddy, Elf.
pb: Will Farrell.
fairy tale & character: Buddy from Elf.
age: 34.
room: ---
doctor: ---
diagnosis: Delusional Misidentification Syndrome (believes himself to be an elf), ADHD, insomnia, talks to animals.

Buddy is the poster child for chipper and happy and rainbows with shiny smiles! He makes friends easily and likes lots of them, willing to talk to anyone from the homeless poke on the shady corner to the Girl Scout with her yummy treats. He hides his sadder emotions behind activities, keeping himself busy and thinking positively. The only time he may not speak to someone right away is if they are on the Naughty List, but he will try very hard to convert them back to the Nice List, wanting to help keep the belief in Santa alive, as well as spreading cheer to other people. You can’t very well be cheerful receiving coal, now can you?

Buddy firmly believes he can talk to animals and that they, in turn, talk back. Usually. The animals in Alaska were much nicer than the ones in New York. He is impulsive and spontaneous, creative in any situation and an extremely fast-paced worker. He loves to try new things and share the experience with others. He is sympathetic and genuinely cares for those in his life, and even those who aren’t, always willing to give praise. He’s prone to dizzy spells and is extremely ticklish. In a relationship he’s much more likely to say ‘I love you’ first.

Sometimes Buddy doesn’t listen well to adults when he wants attention. He’ll ask a lot of questions and disobey (usually innocently like splashing in a puddle repeatedly or trying to tickle someone) in hopes of attention that will hopefully follow with bonding or reward. He doesn’t like to upset people nor when others get mad at him, but he does so love making people smile. He can’t sleep without being tucked in and/or hearing a bedtime story, if he sleep at all. Usually he sleeps 40-60 minutes. Buddy talks quickly and animatedly, at times confusing people with his conversations that bounce around from topic to interest to activities of the day.

Likes: Hugging, smiling, singing (especially Christmas carols), winter, making snow angels, decorating, Christmas time, colored twinkle lights, cotton balls, traveling, enunciation, unique words and names like Francisco and Episcopize, whispering, snowberries, sugarplums, traveling, hiking, elevators, Christmas-grams, holding hands, cookie dough ice cream, sugar, candy, maple syrup.

Dislikes: Coffee, needles, pain, gum on the street, yellow cars (Taxis), alcohol, Jack-in-the-Boxes, making toys (he’s just so slow!), subways, perfume/cologne, escalators, people being mad at him.

* Walter Hobbs (male/female, preferably male.) - The Walter is extremely disbelieving of Buddy and is harsh toward him. He wants little to do with the so-called "elf" and has been known to make his life more difficult.
* Santa Claus {[profile] bebop_ed} - The Santa is someone Buddy looks up to and tries to please often. (S)he is jolly and giving.
* Arctic Puffin {[profile] once_delight} - The puffin is Buddy's BFF. He is more of a follower than a leader, willing to make Buddy happy.
* Central Park Rangers ( male/female, up to three) - These are Buddy's enemies. They are scary and on the 'Naughty List'. They do not believe in he is a Elf and try to emotionally, mentally beat him down.
* Leon the Snowman {[personal profile] puer_aeternus} - The Leon is Buddy's guidance, a wise figure in his life. He has traveled the world and been there in Buddy's time of need.
* Jovie (female * hold on this by [profile] pigmaiden *) - The Jovie is Buddy's potential love interest. At first, she is annoyed with Buddy's behavior until she comes to understand he isn't creepy or mocking her, but sincere in his beliefs. They have a lot of fun together and try new things.
* Papa Elf (male) - Father-like figure to Buddy, he raised him and never loved him any less for his condition. He often feeds into Buddy's beliefs, having fun with the ideas they create.
* Emily Hobbs {[personal profile] gentlearcher} - The Emily is the mother-figure in Buddy's life. She is kind and much more accepting of his behavior than Walter. She tries to think of ways to better his condition, wanting to help him get better. She tolerates his over-eating of sugar and eventually comes to see him as another son.

+ ideas for more : Michael, Mr. Narwhal.

~ Mickey Bunce for [profile] snotflicker.
~ A Lost Boy for [personal profile] puer_aeternus.
~ Grover for [profile] pigmaiden.
~ Punch for [profile] bebop_ed.

Name: Korrin.
Age: ---
Time Zone: ---

When Bartholomew was five years old, he was adopted by Papa Elf, who took him to live at the North Pole and got him a job making toys (he nearly burnt down a tree making cookies and his fingers were much too bug to make shoes).

Or, at least, that’s what Buddy believes. Growing up in Alaska added to the environment, making it so easy to believe it was the North Pole. Really, Bartholomew Favreau was born to Susan Wells and Walter Hobbs, unbeknownst to the father. Susan had been forced to give Buddy up for adoption when she was diagnosed with cancer. He had been moved to two different orphanages before being adopted at the age of five by an elderly couple, Melvin and Elenor O’Malley. It is assumed that because of their age, the boy adapted this to his ‘elvin’ background and accounted them as Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Sadly, shortly after Buddy’s adoption, Elenor passed away, leaving Melvin a single father of a child with special needs. He was more than willing, though, to keep caring for Buddy, even when the story changed from Santa to Papa Elf. Santa was too busy to be a father, after all. It made more sense that they were elves. Melvin had been unaware of the extreme beliefs of Buddy prior to adoption, but that didn’t lessen his love. Still, he was fearful to take him to a doctor. After all, there was no proper diagnosis in his charts. At least, none that the orphanage had handed over. And he worried that he might be taken away, that the doctors might doubt the ability of a fifty-two year old man to handle such a spunky and delusional child.

So Melvin fed the stories to Buddy. That he had accidentally crawled into Santa’s toy bag and was left behind at an orphanage. That he was a toy-maker and special. When Buddy was of age to go to school, he insisted on wearing elf shoes and bright colors. It wasn’t an issue in kindergarten. Or first grade. But around the time that kids start becoming judgmental, Buddy was teased profusely. But he held tight to his story and ignored them. He donned a smile and kept to his school work. At home, in his bedroom, he may have cried a few times, but Buddy always tried to focus on more positive things. Those kids would be put on the Naughty List. Those kids just didn’t believe anymore and he needed to fix that.

Middle school was manageable. Kids were cruel, but he dealt with it by taking his lunches with teachers and finding a friend just as rejected as him. Her name was Amanda and the kids picked on her for her autism. Singing helped. Buddy didn’t mind singing for her, with her. High school was more difficult. Though Amanda attended the same high school as he, alleviating some of the troubles that came with getting beat up or verbally abused. College – nobody cared. They were more laid back or too focused to bother harassing some crazy kid. He had heard it before. Crazy. But as always, Buddy brushed it off. He lost touch with Amanda after their freshman year of college, he sticking close to home at Ilisagvik College and she going off to the University of Alaska in Anchorage.

At home, Melvin was getting older. And it wasn’t as easy, or fun, playing this game anymore. He sat Buddy down one day and explained everything. How Elenor and he adopted Buddy. That his real father, Walter, resided in New York and his mother was unaccounted for. It did little to dishearten the young man’s beliefs, though. He decided that he would finish out college and then seek his real father out, confront him about his true background. Melvin had to be mistaken. Buddy booked a ticket the week after he graduated. He wanted to drive, but Melvin insisted. It was thrilling, like riding Santa’s sleigh, which he knew he had done at least once during his childhood.

Walter heard Buddy out when he arrived. He didn’t believe him at first and insisted on a paternal test, which, much to his disliking, proved him as Buddy’s father. Walter wanted nothing to do with another son. He had his business. He had his wife, Emily, and their son, Michael. And when Buddy insisted he was an elf, that the needle prick thing that hurt and took his blood was wrong, Walter wanted rid of him as soon as possible. Before he could be rid of him, Buddy wanted to know about his mother, but the only thing Walter could give was a name and a cause of death. Susan Wells had died of breast cancer years ago, he had had no clue she was pregnant, and he had a new family now. Buddy, of course, wanted very much to meet them. His father was reluctant to agree, but he had yet to receive a call back from a number of asylums he had contacted. So home it was.

Emily was endearing and kind, trying to understand Buddy’s need to believe the things he did. He was an orphan from Alaska. He was dealing with it. He was a little old to still believe the child’s fairy tale he had created, but…who was she to judge? She was much more accepting than Walter, while Michael just went with the flow. He had a crazy older half-brother? Whatever. The PlayStation 3 was more important. So long as the kids at school didn’t find out, whatever. Emily tried to convince Walter in letting Buddy stay with them so they could get him the help he needed, but Walter insisted he was beyond help, that he had already taken care of it. So she gave him an ultimatum and after arguing and bickering, it was agreed that Buddy would stay. He would get a job to help him grow up and he would attend therapy sessions.

Buddy took the job if it made his Dad happy. If Walter didn’t want him to be an elf, he would pretend and hide it and only talk of it with his animal friends. They placed him at a toy store and for a while, he was content. He was their best worker, getting projects done in twice the amount of time as the other co-workers and earning a promotion in less than three months. When Christmas came, he was ecstatic! They put him in charge of decorating and tending to Santa’s Workshop, a job he was proud of. Santa would be coming here, he would visit with the children and he had to do his very best! This was the job of an elf and all those sessions, all that repression, was gone as it came crashing back. He was an elf. He was made for this job.
When the day for “Santa” to arrive came, it was the last time Buddy would work for Gimbals. Buddy couldn’t deal with someone impersonating Santa. An imposter! Lying to the kids who sat on his lap and revealed their Christmas wishes! He snapped. He called out the fake Santa, causing the children to cry and the guy in costume to attack Buddy.

Walter was done. He called Cheshire Crossings and had him emitted immediately. He told Buddy that it was a perfect place for elves. He told Buddy he would visit and that if he was good enough, Santa might get him and take him home to the North Pole.

He lied.
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